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Duct Work and HVAC Fittings:
Bethany Supply represents the top quality and best known distributors of HVAC fittings and accessories:

  • ELGEN Manufacturing - full line of HVAC products -
    Round pipe,  elbows  Hetos,  strutt,  J-flange,  screws,
    threaded rod,  sealer.   

  • Hart & Cooley - registers, grilles and & diffusers (RGD's),
  • TLC -  "All-Fuel Chimney" & chimney liners.
  • LLOYD Industries Inc. - air control dampers, backdraft dampers, fire and smoke dampers, louvers and brick vents.
  • Actoflex  Inc. -   Foil flex duct  R6 – R8  (5"  to  18").
    Pipe sleeves  R8   (6"  to  10").

WE STOCK * -  VENTGLAS (R)  METALEDGE TM   (100 ft Rolls in STOCK!)
                           3 -3-3   (9" overall width - 24 Ga. Gal.)  

    Transverse  VENTGLAS (R)  METALEDGE TM 4.5-3-4.5  
                         (12" overall width -  24 Ga. Gal.)

WE STOCK:  Tig & Mig Welding consumerables for Sheet Metal Welding.

Also Available:  Plasma Cutting   consumerables

  Malco - Specialized hand tools & power-assisted tools for the HVAC                           industry.    Tools to service furnace and air-conditioner  components.

   Fasteners -  are available for layout, cutting, fabricating & installing

               ductwork.   Screws, pop rivets, nuts, bolts, struts and  other   

               hardware.   Round and rectangle or custom fittings. 

   Irwin - Snips, vicegrips

   Other ToolsBulldogs, Wiss, Lufkin folding ruler, Estwing Hammers,                     Stanley Powerlock tapes

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